black-moth-logoSeven Moths is a production company at the intersection of music and film.

We can be reached at info@sevenmoths.com.

We are proudly based out of Atlanta, GA in the East Point neighborhood.



Seven Moths began in Asheville, NC in 2009 when our founder Michael Greer O’Shea built a studio to record his solo project Kinjac and produce music for his friends. The recording studio quickly expanded into an indie record label to release the music Michael Greer O’Shea was producing. The label’s catalogue now contains over 9 hours of music in genres ranging from dark electrorock to acoustic folk, the eclecticism due to his wide musical taste and fondness for curation based on an artist’s ability to capture a mood and a cinematic feel instead of by genre distinctions. To this day, every Seven Moths Records release is produced in some facet by Michael Greer O’Shea, whether simply mastering the album or handling all album production, including recording, mixing, mastering, and even album art.

Seven Moths first got into film production doing live in-studio performance videos and live show videography for bands over the years, but in 2016 Seven Moths officially moved operations to Atlanta, GA and began focusing much more extensively on film. We invested in the video gear infrastructure to produce music videos completely in-house with Michael Greer O’Shea serving as Director. We specialize in producing music videos with a dark, cinematic feel and focus on creating a substantive narrative above eye candy. Music videos we’ve produced have already premiered on blogs like Surviving the Golden Age and Bandcamp Daily. We also began producing a charity online video series called The Broken Dreams Project, which combines visual art and live music performance to raise awareness and funds for non-profits that support the arts, and the first episode premiered on The Vinyl District.

Our newest endeavor is event production and we are in the planning stages for the first Atlanta Music Video Festival. This annual event will be held in March of 2018 and is dedicated to celebrating the unique cinematic form that is the music video, with an emphasis on Atlanta based talent.

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