Caden Painter, in his solo project named Banmier, combines elements of electronica and dance with industrial textures and classical themes to form a flavorful mix that is exciting to just sit and listen to as your mind wanders into the beyond or groove to as you cruise in your car. Caden started writing electronic music as a young teen to punctuate emotional experiences and lucid dreams that would later evolve into a lush fantasy compilation of creative works ranging from writings, photography, illustrations and sculpture. Caden kept his musical creations hidden from the word for many years. It wasn’t until his senior year in college he was persuaded by his family and friends to pursue his music.

Caden, a synesthete, found it difficult to simply write music. He would develop a process that would include writing stories and shooting dramatic photography while simultaneously letting the natural music of the landscape or photograph arise from the work itself. Caden claims to not be the creator of music, he is simply the pathway the music chose to take when emerging forth from the world beyond.

Caden invites you to listen to the world of imagination as he hears it.


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