Double Shadows

Double ShadowsDouble Shadows is the sibling duo of Kathryn and Michael O’Shea.

Born and raised in the mountain town of Asheville, NC, the children of a new age minister and a hippie musician, the pair was doomed to a life far outside normalcy from birth.

The project combines Michael’s expertise as a drummer, producer and multi-instrumentalist with Kathryn’s extraordinary vocal talents. After five years of working on his solo-project Kinjac all over the world, a 6-month stint touring as an afrobeat drummer (while writing his philosophy thesis), producing for a slew of other artists, and founding Seven Moths Records, Michael O’Shea has developed a distinctive musical aesthetic that nimbly jumps between genres and categorizations while always managing to sound all his own.

Kathryn O’Shea spent the last few years studying voice and acting before making the decision to drop out of college in Florida, move back to the duo’s native hometown Asheville, NC, and pursue music with her brother full-time.

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