IsaacsonBands aren’t easy. Finding a common voice among a group of individuals, each with their own experiences and sensibilities, is a difficult and contentious process that too often suppresses those traits that make the musicians unique. As a result, the responsibility of making decisions is usually ceded to one member in particular, and the band slowly becomes much more an extension of that person’s vision, rather than of the group’s as a whole.

That’s not the case with Isaacson. Formed with no ambition, no plan, and truthfully, no real idea of where to begin, the band slowly fleshed out a catalog of very disparate songs that showcase each songwriter’s personal relationship with music. The results are occasionally a bit messy, but are, above all else, wholly honest.  By eliminating definitions and expectations, the members of Isaacson gave themselves an opportunity to simply focus on creating the music that made them happy.

Although Isaacson is a new project,  their members bring years of musical experience to the mix from a variety of past projects. Members Jeremy Rasik (Guitar/Vocals) and AJ Donahue (Drums) have been playing together in serious bands since college in Florida. After moving to Asheville, NC, they began looking new musical collaborators and soon met Wes Bintz (Bass), who had just released his debut solo-album under the name Anakeesta on Seven Moths Records, and began work on a new project. The eventually completed the line-up with members Erik Israel (Guitar) and Jeff Mettee (Keys/Synth).

Recorded in 2013, the band’s debut EP, Sprinter, finds a space somewhere between indie, stoner rock and shoegaze, drawing comparisons to Sigur Rós, Mogwai and Do Make Say Think. Mastered by Michael O’Shea and released by Seven Moths records, the five song set is available now as a digital download, on streaming services like Spotify, or, hilariously, on CD, because many of the band’s members are old.

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Check out this live video of the Sprinter’s opening track “Old Lights” below: