Kinjac-Profile-SquareKinjac is the eclectic electrorock solo-project of Michael O’Shea. With roots as a drummer, Kinjac never ceases to have a strong focus on heavy-hitting percussion, blending polyrhythmic digital and organic percussion, cinematic melodic soundscapes, and distinct vocals in a mixture that finds similarities in acts like Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack and Radiohead with elements of underground hip-hop thrown in. Having studied philosophy and literature, O’Shea is a poetic songwriter whose lyrics weave tales of personal heartbreak, loss and existential anxiety with fears of an Orwellian, dystopian political climate.

Kinjac has opened for artists like Saul Williams, Thavius Beck, Eprhyme, K-the-I??? and O’Death, and O’Shea has production credits on releases by K Records, Joyful Noise Records, SCI Fidelity Records, and every release on his own label, and he has worked with artists like Eprhyme, C.J. Boyd, and Ali Baba’s Tahini (an Umphrey’s McGee side project).