Kinjac is the pseudonym of Los Angeles-based musician/producer Michael O’Shea. A true solo artist, he writes, plays, records, mixes, and masters every sound on every track. Born and raised in Asheville, NC, the son of a new age minister and a hippie musician, Kinjac’s eclectic, genre-bending style is perhaps best described as “Southern Gothic Electronic.” His lyrics explore dark themes of dystopian politics, ghostly hauntings, existential dread, heartbreak, betrayal, loss, and death.

In addition to his five solo albums and various singles, Kinjac has production credits on albums by artists like C.J. Boyd (Joyful Noise Records) and Ali Baba’s Tahini (an Umphrey’s McGee side-project), and every release on the Seven Moths record label he founded. Kinjac has released official remixes of tracks by River Whyless, Thavius Beck, Eprhyme, Carolinabound, and Toaster Bath. His latest release “Tired of You / Arrivals” features his banjo-playing folk singer/songwriter sister Kathryn O’Shea on vocals.

While writing the thesis for his philosophy degree on deconstructionist linguistics, he was also writing his album Psychology and touring as the drummer for a 7-piece afrobeat band. He quit the band to move to Stockholm for a Swedish girl and recorded his album No. 7 mostly abroad. When the relationship ended, he converted a small house in the woods near Asheville into a recording studio and finished the albums Incandescent and Moths there.

Unfortunately, Kinjac soon discovered that the house was severely haunted and eventually left in a hurry, spending the following years trying to outrun his demons living here and there with longer stints in Nashville and Chicago. Kinjac has been unusually open about his occult experiences, even going so far as to detail out some of his ghostly encounters during an interview with Bandcamp Daily last year. He also turned those experiences into inspiration for his self-directed music videos, especially for “Possession” and “Shattered.”


After his father died suddenly from cancer in 2014, he returned to the haunted house in Asheville and got swept up in a whirlwind romance with a painter who proposed to him. They stayed in Asheville while recording Broken Mirrors because his wife’s father was fighting his own losing battle with cancer. Craving a fresh start after so much trauma and loss in their hometown, Kinjac and his wife moved to Atlanta and then on to Los Angeles, where they now happily call home.


Contact: kinjac@sevenmoths.com


Bandcamp premiered the new music video for Shattered with an interview.