Bandcamp premiered the new music video for Shattered with an interview.


Kinjac is the eclectic solo project of musician/producer Michael Greer O’Shea. Taking the word solo quite literally, he writes, plays, records, mixes, and masters every sound on every Kinjac release and even produces his own music videos. He also releases independently through the Seven Moths record label and production company that he founded and is the producer of The Broken Dreams Project


Kinjac was born in the mountain town of Asheville, NC, the son of a new age minister and a hippie musician. He studied philosophy in college and spent time as the touring drummer for a 7-piece afrobeat band while finishing his thesis on post-structuralist linguistics and the Kinjac album Psychology. He quit that band to move to Stockholm for a Swedish girl, which is where he wrote the album No. 7, but when that relationship fell apart he moved back to the Appalachian mountains seeking solitude and creative freedom. He converted a small house in the woods outside of Asheville that had been in his family for decades into a personal recording studio and finished the albums Incandescent and Moths (which features remixes of songs by hip-hop artists Thavius Beck and Eprhyme) and producing releases for other artists (Kinjac has production credits on releases by K Records, Joyful Noise Records, SCI Fidelity Records, and every release on Seven Moths Records).

Unfortunately, Kinjac soon discovered that the house was severely haunted and, after a year and a half of mysterious encounters with the occult, he left it in a hurry and spent the following two years trying to outrun his demons by living here and there with longer stints in Nashville and Chicago. After his father died suddenly in 2014, he returned to the haunted house, learned to tolerate the ghosts, and got swept up in a whirlwind romance with a painter who proposed to him. He got back to work on music and produced the album Smoking Gun for Carolinabound, and released the Possession single and remixes of River Whyless and Carolinabound songs. After eloping last Halloween, the painter is now his wife and creative partner in The Broken Dreams Project, and Kinjac spent the winter quietly finishing his new album Broken Mirrors. After completing the album, he went on to produce music videos for his songs Possession and Shattered, lyric videos for What You Find, Champagne and Possessed, produced and launched the first episode of The Broken Dreams Project, produced the new EP Before the Day Breaks by Carolinabound, and then moved to Atlanta, GA for a change of scenery this spring. 

Although Kinjac has a prolific resume as a producer and four albums already too his name, his last album Moths was released three years ago. They say that death strikes in threes and he became quite accustomed to it in this atypically long break between albums. First his sister’s best friend died of cancer at 19, then their father died very suddenly from cancer, and then he and his wife watched her father slowly deteriorate and die from cancer. Those events punctuated other major upheavals and traumas in his and his family’s life, and needless to say, Broken Mirrors is lyrically a dark and introspective album that deals with existential reflection on tragedy and loss. However, it does not focus on death itself, but instead the ways in which severe emotional traumas affect us personally and in our relationships with others. Trauma breaks a person on some level and that affects our interactions with everyone around us. We begin acting self-destructively and bring our loved ones down with us. Like a broken mirror, our reflections are distorted and those who hope to seek a clear reflection in us only see a fragmented and broken image. Kinjac has been this broken person, and he has been surrounded by them, and Broken Mirrors is his musical exploration on that theme.


Contact: kinjac@sevenmoths.com