Kinjac is the eclectic electro-rock solo project of musician/producer Michael O’Shea. A true solo-artist, he writes, plays, records, mixes and masters every sound on every Kinjac release. He was born in the mountain town of Asheville, NC, the son of a new age minister and a hippie musician. He studied philosophy in college and spent six months touring as the drummer for a 7-piece afrobeat band while finishing his thesis on post-structuralist linguistics. He quit that band to move to Stockholm for a Swedish girl, but that fell apart and he moved back to the Appalachian mountains seeking solitude and creative freedom. He converted a small house in the woods outside of Asheville that his family had owned for years into a personal recording studio and finished the Kinjac albums Incandescent and Moths (which features remixes of songs by hip-hop artists Thavius Beck and Eprhyme) and producing releases for other artists (O’Shea has production credits on releases by K Records, Joyful Noise Records, SCI Fidelity Records, and every release on Seven Moths Records, the label he founded).

Unfortunately, O’Shea soon discovered that the house was severely haunted and, after a year and a half of mysterious encounters with the occult, he left it in a hurry and spent the following two years trying to outrun his demons by living here and there with longer stints in Nashville and Chicago. After his minister father suddenly died last year, he returned to the haunted house, learned to tolerate the ghosts, got swept up in a whirlwind romance with a painter who proposed to him, and spent a year writing new music and producing albums for his old friends Carolinabound and Toaster Bath.