Seven Moths Signs Isaacson to Roster

IsaacsonSeven Moths Records is pleased to welcome the new band Isaacson to our roster of artists.

Isaacson is an Asheville, NC based noise-rock band who’s bassist Wes Bintz released his debut solo album as Anakeesta on Seven Moths Records in 2012. His album “The Sound of Something Happening” was the culmination of a year’s worth of work by Bintz and relied heavily on a blend of bass guitar, ambient vocals, glitchy drum looping and digital instrumentation and sonic manipulation. For the band Isaacson, Bintz is joined by members Jeremy Rasik (Guitar/Vocals) and AJ Donahue (Drums), who have been playing together in serious bands (like their project Jaspers) for years, and new collaborators Erik Israel (Guitar) and Jeff Mettee (Keys/Synth).

Isaacson’s debut EP Sprinter was recorded by the band in their own studio, mixed by Wes Bintz, and mastered by Seven Moths founder Michael O’Shea. Sprinter will be released on Seven Moths on 1/25/2014 and will be available on Bandcamp, SpotifyiTunes, and most major online retailers soon.


Check out this live video of the Sprinter’s opening track “Old Lights” below: