Kinjac-Artist-PhotoMixing and Mastering are Michael O’Shea’s audio production specialties and he has mastered over 200 publicly released songs on notable labels like Joyful Noise Records and K Records by artists from across the country and in genres ranging from hip-hop in NYC to a string ensemble in CA and most everything in between.

Michael O’Shea mixes and masters with a variety of high-quality digital plug-ins and monitors using Universal Audio digital to analogue converters with near-field monitors by Yamaha, Blue Sky and JBL, and 3-way mid-field monitors by KRK. Ear is more important than gear, however, and Michael is a seasoned professional with extensive credits. This is by no means a lo-fi budget mastering internet operation where a novice engineer simply runs your songs through a few presets on a cheap plug-in and calls it a day. Nor is this a high end studio that thinks using the most expensive analogue gear compensates for a lack of individualized attention to your songs and their unique sonic characteristics. Michael strives to squeeze the absolute highest possible quality out of the professional digital tools at his disposal to produce results that are comparable to hi-fi analog mixing and mastering, but without the huge leap in price that entails. Staying in the digital realm allows him to focus on running a boutique service with exceptional attention to detail for each client’s unique project, and it lets him keep prices affordable for independent artists while still producing professional quality results.



Mixing Rates

1-6 Tracks: $175/track

7+ Tracks: $150/track


Mastering Rates

1-6 Tracks: $75/each

7+Tracks: $50/track


50% discount on mastering when tracks are also mixed by Michael O’Shea. 


These rates are meant as estimates and subject to revision depending upon the specifics of your project. Please don’t hesitate to contact michael@sevenmoths.com to discuss your project for a detailed quote.